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// PLYO DANCE™ Fitness Program by Mario Godiva

Plyo Dance™, created by Fitness Expert and Kangoo Guru Mario Godiva (formerly an Official Master Trainer, International Presenter, Dealer and Official Spokesmodel for Kangoo Jumps for 8 years), is the newest, most dynamic, and contemporary fusion rebound sport shoe format created in 2013.  Recognizing the dire need for an updated, structured, and exciting Dance and non-aerobics or Hi/Lo based rebound sport shoe format, Godiva created Plyo Dance as an unparalleled heart pounding, leg burning, and core singeing fusion of plyometrics, core, conditioning, and dance that will incinerate fat, increase endurance, and amplify power while being low impact, knee-friendly, and shock absorbent.  


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Using rebound sport shoes, Self Propulsion Technique™ to Air Glide™, and Recurrent Interval Training™, you'll Air Glide™ up to 10,000 times an hour to burn a maximum amount of calories in a minimal amount of time.  Set to the tune of Top 40 Dance remixed music you’ll never stop smiling as you learn how to create, control, and maximize momentum.  You'll noticeably excel in any competitive or recreational sport as well as rapidly change your body with EPOC, fast twitch fiber activation, and naturally stimulating growth hormone.

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Rebound sport shoes such as Exerlopers, Kangoo Jumps, & Plyo Air Glides™ are high intensity/low impact running and exercising shoes that with the help of Mario Godiva have quickly become the latest fitness trend in the US.  Very easy to balance in and safer than rollerblades, rebound sport shoes take all the pressure off your knees, joints, and back, burn more calories than any other cardio, give you an intense core workout the entire time you are in them, and give you this super rush of endorphins (a natural high) that make working out and running more fun than traditional exercise.  If you have bad knees or an injury and aren't able to run due to the impact, you will be able to run again in rebound sport shoes as well as do other high impact exercises with no jarring to your knees, back, and other joints. Using them protects your joints, prevents joint related injuries, and makes your knees, back, and other joints last longer. 


Self Propulsion Technique™ is a signature technique designed by Mario Godiva that is an application of Newton's Third Law of Action and Reaction and helps you maximize the rebound effect of rebound sport shoes. For the beginner it's as simple as pushing down to go up. For the advanced and athletes it's using your muscles and kinetic energy to push with a downward force and efficiently utilize the equal push back force in the opposite direction resulting in upward acceleration and/or forward locomotion. Mastering this technique will improve your vertical jump height, launch velocity control, speed, agility, proprioception, power and balance. When in rebound sport shoes there are different biomechanics when jumping, leaping, and hopping and the politcally correct, technical, and scientific term to describe the movement is "air gliding."

The third of Newton's laws of motion of classical mechanics states that forces always occur in pairs. This is related to the fact that a force results from the interaction of two objects. Every force ('action') on one object is accompanied by a 'reaction' on another, of equal magnitude but opposite direction. The attribution of which of the two forces is action or reaction is arbitrary. Each of the two forces can be considered the action, the other force is its associated reaction.  To understand this concept more and be able to work to a higher skill of mastery, attend a Plyo Dance™ International Training.


Air Glide™

Air Glide™ is a mobile version of rebounding vernacular in rebound sport shoes created by Fitness Expert and Kangoo Guru Mario Godiva.  Realizing that there are different human biomechanics in rebound sport shoes than traditional jumping, hopping, and bouncing in normal shoes, Godiva (formerly an Official Master Trainer, International Presenter, Dealer and Official Spokesmodel for Kangoo Jumps for 8 years) created a technical term based on Science, human biomechanics, and the laws of physics.  Air Gliding is not restricted to being in a stationary fixed position (trampoline), is focused on the movement that happens in the air, and in order to glide there needs to be an absence of friction which only happens while airborne.  Generally being more in the air than touching the ground, you have the potential to Air Glide™ up to 10,000 times an hour.  It's not humanly possible to bounce, jump, leap, or hop up to 10,000 times in hour in normal shoes without seriously harming the human muscoloskeletal system.  When traditionally jumping, hopping, or leaping you bio mechanically have to drop down into a hip and knee flexed position (squat) to initiate and continue jumping, hopping, or leaping.   When Air Gliding™ you can isometrically contract stiffening your core and leg muscles from a 0 degree hip and knee flexed position (straight legs) to create your own kinetic energy that can propel you vertically and/or horizontally.  Rebounding happens in one place while Air Gliding happens all over the place.

Recurrent Interval Training™

Plyo Dance™ has a training methodology that is unique, innovative, and doesn't follow the traditional "bell-shaped curve" or traditional interval training guidelines.  It fuses technique elements of aerobic, anaerobic, plyometrics, core, strength, interval training, and mind/body exercise to provide a dynamic and well rounded workout experience that utilizes almost all of already proven and successful techniques.  The methodology is called Recurrent Interval Training™, similar to intermittent training, is a training that uses intervals of activity and rest and describes a variety of different physical training types.  "Recurrent" means to stop and start at intervals, and "interval" as in interval training are used somewhat interchangeably.  Recurrent Interval Training™ is a non-continuous technique of physical activity that incorporates moderate aerobic or anaerobic intervals of physical activity with active rest periods that can be as little as 30 seconds to 6 minutes.  This appeals to many people because it offers rest as part of the exercise and research on this method of physical activity has found that the post exercise calorie burn is far greater than that of continuous aerobic exercise and that it brings faster improvements in fitness and weight loss.  With the vast variety of rhythms, accents, syncopations, and movement patterns coupled with the proprioceptive workout from constantly stabilizing in rebound shoes your muscles will constantly get "confused" and you will maximize results.


Plyo Dance™ greatly improves proprioception by utilizing rebound sport shoes.  The rebound shoes are very easy to balance in and balance themselves, but your core and leg muscles are constantly working overtime to stabilize you during movement which also burns more calories.   By improving your proprioception, participants can gain the balance skills necessary to maintain stability; hone their agility so they can quickly change direction when necessary; and fine-tune coordination skills so they can perform physical activities accurately and consistently. Proprioception exercise reduces the risk of injury by teaching the body to react appropriately to sudden changes in the environment.  A good sense of proprioception is vital for many fitness, sport, and recreational activities.

Some Vernacular

* Single Foot Air Glide
* Double Foot Air Glide
* Closed Levitation
* Lateral Open Levitation
* Ascending Star Levitation
* Glide Ascension



The physiology of Plyo Dance™ in itself is a big reason behind the fat burn, muscle sculpting, weight-loss, improved attitude, and body changes but it's the pyschology of Plyo Dance™ that is the primary and key factor  to it's success and what sets it apart from all other fitness programs that utilize rebounding shoes.  Without the powerful psychological benefits participants wouldn't obtain the max of all the physiological benefits.  Many fitness programs don't succeed or lose steam because they lack the psychological motivation to participate actively and consistently.  People may start them motivated and strong but many get bored and look for excuses to drop out.  Plyo Dance™ helps participants succeed because:

*Plyo Dance™ utilizes rebound sport shoes that give you a super endorphin rush and a long lasting natural "high" making the euphoric experience of a Plyo Dance™ class unparalleled which helps to improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and help foster an overall positive self-image.

*Plyo Dance™ combines top 40 dance remixed, high energy, and motivating music with innovative and unique moves, rhythms, and combinations that allow participants to be fully engaged, present, and dance away stress with a pleasant associative connection to the music.  It also enhances the brain's alertness, creativity, memory and ability to learn by using various movements that cross the midline amplifying cognitive ability. 

*Plyo Dance™ is easy to follow, exhilarating, exhausting, and extremely effective.  Even if you aren't doing all of the moves as long as you are moving or running in place you are still getting an amazing workout and being motivated by the potent energy around you!  Beginners experience major gains in endurance and ease with each class they attend and it helps them stick to their fitness program and achieve long-term health benefits



* Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity

* Extremely high calorie burn resulting in rapid weight / fat / cellulite loss

* Dramatically increased endurance (VO 2 Max)

* Dynamic core workout that fully develops your muscles shaping them naturally

* Increased power, speed, agility, and balance


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